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As one of the world’s only truly amphibious robots, GuardBot is capable of supporting a wide range of applications in security, broadcasting for live video streaming, and missions.

GuardBot accelerates and decelerates quickly and smoothly on land, while amphibious movement is consistent. GuardBot can be integrated with a great variety of sensors, cameras, communication and navigation subsystems and processing equipment allowing GuardBot to operate in various missions.

For broadcasting applications, the GuardBot vehicle system can image land, snow, water, and can be used to operate in multi-venue sportscasting including golf, swimming, and soccer games. In broadcasting, GuardBot is a flexible and reliable content acquisition tool that can capture imagery and sound from land and water, and back again.

In addition to gathering content, GuardBot makes for an eye-catching advertising platform. GuardBot can be outfitted to carry sensors and other payloads as well.

In security applications, GuardBot can be remotely operated and controlled or programmed to navigate or patrol a set route of waypoints along perimeters, buildings, and fields. The two cameras can be positioned independently in order to monitor conditions or check for intruders.

The Guardbot robotic vehicle system’s advanced radio communication systems include high definition imagery transmission, encryption capability, mesh networking, and satellite communication.

GuardBot Robotic Vehicle Potential Applications:

  • Security and patrolling mobile platform
  • Live streaming video mobile platform
  • Perimeter fence patrol
  • Beach patrolling robot
  • Harbor Security
  • Mobile Shipping container security monitoring
  • Construction site security
  • Parking Garage Security
  • Amphibious Surveillance
  • Security Patrols
  • Broadcasting
  • Multi venue live sportscasting
  • Monitoring Hazardous materials spills and environments
  • Mobile safety monitoring of hazardous weather conditions in snow, water, mud, sand, etc
  • Mobile Explosive


GuardBot can traverse all types of terrain!


Swimming is no problem!


Heavy snowstorms pose no difficulty!


Sand? Ready for action!


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